Future & Sustainability

The smarter future concept is focused on growth and innovation that meets the expectations of a growing population that is looking for a better life. That means improved mobility, better infrastructure and safer, all delivered in a way that recognizes that resources are finite and that the environment will not look after itself.

The aim of Mineral Bridge is a sustainable future, it is to deliver a clearer picture of the future product’s role in the transition to a sustainable society and develop a proposal for a strategic sustainability action plan. The strategic action plan should make it easier for the industry to be a part of the social transformation, contribute to economic development by helping society to achieve the goals for sustainable development.


Sustainability is integral to how we contribute to social value creation. It is core to our strategy and sits at the heart of everything we do. We put health and safety first, aim to be environmentally responsible, respect human rights and support the communities in which we operate.

We also believe sustainability includes playing an appropriate role in addressing global issues such as climate change, supporting and respecting human rights and advocating for social change such as by supporting the rights of Indigenous peoples.

The pillars of our sustainability strategy

Our Sustainable development is designed to tackle many of these challenges both environmental and social. We are encouraging progress that is changing how our employees and stakeholders experience with Mineral Bridge, in line with our Purpose.

Safety & Health

Mineral Bridge is committed being a responsible corporate citizen, implementing strategies that focus on key aspects of health, education and infrastructure of the people most affected by the operations of the Company.

Mineral Bridge has a commitment and an engagement through its management and employees to develop and maintain a thorough safety culture, driven by continuous improvement and the goal for zero harm. The Company considers it imperative that all employees are empowered to discuss health and safety matters with impunity and are able to live safely.

The Company is continually reviewing and implementing operational safety initiatives in order to eliminate or minimise risk to employees, in which ongoing training plays a large role. This ensures the Company is always forward-thinking in its approach to health and safety.


Mineral Bridge recognises that its operations have direct and indirect impact on the environment. Our goal is to manage these impacts to minimise, negate or improve the natural environment for future generations to benefit from. The Company takes sustainability very seriously, and has processes and policies in place so that we are always considering ongoing sustainability issues in planning and managing our operations and activities.

Mineral Bridge approach to environmental management is supported by the Company’s environment, health and safety management system, which offers a foundation to guide the Company to achieve leading standards in these areas through all business activities.

Ethical value

We seek to maintain a culture of ethical behaviour and compliance throughout the Group, rather than simply performing the minimum required by laws and regulations.