Mineral Bridge
A mineral commodity platform
Buy & Sell
Base metal raw materials, minerals and secondary products

We buy Base metal raw materials, minerals, precious stones and secondary products from miners & companies and also sell Mineral & Metal Commodities to corporates and individuals. We bring together the buyer and seller to join our mission through this platform and offer economic benefits to our customers by giving value-added services. With this platform, there is reliability, improved security, and safety to our customers. By maintaining sustainability, we have managed to provide a good life to our next generation.

Developing and maintaining productive partnerships with our suppliers is essential to our overall success. Mineral Bridge is committed to support high performing supplier relationships that deliver real benefits to our local communities. We market commodities from supplier to customer, we are able to add value throughout the supply chain. We adopt high quality standards and a rigorous approach to supply chain management.

We have been responsibly transporting resources from where there are plentiful, to where they are needed into the hands of our customers who produce items we all need for modern life. We source, a diverse range of resources from third party suppliers. And by applying our deep market intelligence, we ensure that we supply products that meet our customers’ exact expectations.

Though our fleet of vessels and global network of road and rail facilities, we moved large volumes of commodities efficiently and safely around the world. Securing a responsible supply of the resources we all need for everyday life. We find, plan, process, move and market to our customers a diversified and high quality range of products, spanning bulk commodities, base metals and minerals, and precious metals.

We are committed to building a responsible, inclusive and more transparent supply chain that generates sustainable value for all our stakeholders, including the communities that we associate in.

We market to a broad base of industrial consumers. We aim to maintain long-term commercial relationships with our customers, who value our scale, reputation and market knowledge.


We buy mineral commodities Gold Nuggets / Bars, Raw Silver, Platinum,         Gem Stones – Raw Diamond, Jadeite, Emerald, Taaffeite, Grandidierite, Serendibite, Alexandrite, Musgravite, Red Beryl, Black opal,                         Benitoite, Poudretteite, Fire opal, Jeremejevite, Tanzanite, Ruby and also lithium, Cobalt, Aluminium, Vanadium, Nickel, Phosphate, Sulphur,         Manganese and Graphite from Miners and Companies.


We sell mineral commodities Gold, Silver, Gemstones, other minerals – lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Iron Ore, Mica, Aluminium, Vanadium, Manganese, and also Limestone, Magnesite, Bauxite, Chromite, Dolomite, Zinc, Kyanite, Tungsten, Graphite, Lignite, Vermiculite, Quartz, Feldspar, Gypsum, Soapstone, Silica sand, Granites, Phosphate and Sulphur to Companies and Individuals.

Digital Platform

Mineral Bridge buy and sell Mineral and Metal Products digitally. We are dealing with thousands of mineral and metal commodity buyers and sellers all over the world.

Since we are trading Mineral and Metal products through Digital Platform, our clients benefit from reaching Mineral & Metal commodity sellers and buyers on a global scale.

We add value to the global trade in natural resources by delivering exceptional service and performance across the supply chain.

Why Mineral Bridge?


We are committed to the highest working and management standards to ensure the long-term growth of the business and achievement of our long term targets.


We apply consistent standards globally and operate responsibly in a wide range of political and cultural environments.


All the data are easily accessible on your mobile, tablet or computer.

Trust & Integrity:

We conduct ourselves with dignity, integrity, equity, transparency and accountability to build trust.

Performance and excellence:

We value high quality performance and aim for excellence in all our transactions.